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Y.M. Rivadneira is currently in the editing phase of her first two novels, the beginning of an adventure series featuring Julien Bel, a man of faraway yearning. One violent night ends in blood and murder. Julien shoots, and in this moment of deadly passion, he ignites a chase through time. Through it, he and his love must set themselves against the powerful and twisted vengeance of their embittered enemy.

In addition to writing, Y.M. likes to create tangible, beautiful clothes, using fantasy and history as her inspiration. And so it happened that her current fictional writing endeavors sprung from her passions in costuming.

In early 2007 she purchased the silk brocade pictured to the right.

The French Justaucorps she crafted from that fabric brought her here. From that, the muse of costume and cloth woke the muse of investagive storytelling.

Here's the link to the page where it all began, with the build of this coat. As she assembled it, questions of who, where, and how prompted an investigative journey.

This inspirational coat belonged to a man, but who? Where did it take him? Where had he been? And how did it land in the hands of this writer? She worked to fill in the gaps with each passing stitch, and soon discovered a man of the sea from New France, circa 1703, a man of troubles, a man forced to travel time. But before all this she discovered his name, Captain Julien Bel.

Please follow the writer's adventures as she works towards getting her books finished, published, and available to the public.

Thank you for your support!

Y.M. Rivadeneira